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March 28, 2022

What Does a Commercial Roofing Consultant Do?

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One of the most underappreciated and undervalued service providers is a commercial roofing consultant. And you’re probably reading this piece because you also want to know their importance. That’s why we will list their major responsibilities below.

Inspection of roofs

One of the responsibilities of a commercial roofing consultant is to inspect roofs of commercial buildings for potential leakage points. Normally, the roof is meant to be inspected once a year to be able to avert leakage problems. And if your roof is already leaking, it has to be assessed first.

Based on their findings, the consultant will determine the most effective way to fix the problem. And sometimes if a roof is nearing its lifespan, they may suggest a full replacement. Also, when you want to buy a new home, you need to inspect its roof thoroughly. That’s the job of a consultant.

They analyze leaks and try to determine the likely causes of the leaks and how to prevent it future.

Quality assurance

Another responsibility of a commercial roofing consultant is to check whether a particular roof meets the standard. If a poor roofing job is done, the consultant will detect and expose the roofing contractor. Some companies hire them to inspect newly installed roofs before paying the contractors that did the job.

Bid oversights

When big organizations have roofing projects, they advertise the job and several roofing contractors send bids. Commercial roofing consultants help to check the bids to choose the best. It does not necessarily have to be the bid with the lowest quotes. It could be the bid that the consultant feels is in line with the best roofing practices.

Witnessing in litigation

If you want to sue your landlord for a poor roofing job, you need a specialist that will inspect the roof and certify that the roof does not meet certain standards. And it could also be the reverse. You could also hire a roofing consultant to witness in court that your roof was properly installed and poorly maintained.

Problems with consultants

We just grouped the responsibilities into the major four listed above. Hence, you need a commercial roofing consultant for the installation, maintenance, and inspection of the roofs of commercial buildings. However, there’s a little problem. Clash of interest could becloud the judgment of your consultant.

For instance, a roofing consultant could condemn a good roof because he is affiliated with a roofing company and wants you to hire the company for a service you really don’t need. Sometimes, you could be asked to buy some roofing materials that you don’t need just because your consultant will earn some commissions from the sales of those materials.

So, if a consultant is not working with your interest at heart, his expertise and experience are useless to you. The question is, how do you hire a consultant that will have your interest at heart or how will you know if there’s a clash of interest between you and your consultant?

This is where Home4Quotes comes in. We have a list of the best and most honest roofing consultants and we will assign one of them to you. They’ll never undercut you because they have a proven track record of consistent success. You can contact us whenever you need commercial roofing consultants and we’ll link you up with the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the roof of my house?

As much as we encourage a DIY policy, we don’t advise you to change your roof by yourself if you’re not a professional. The task is complex and has a lot of intricacies that you may not understand. And if you install it wrongly, your roof may start leaking very soon. Furthermore, you may even shorten the lifespan of the roof. Finally, are you trained to handle aerial tasks? You don’t want to slip and fall from the top of your roof.

How do I know when to change my roof?

If your roof is about 20 – 25 years old, it may be time to replace it. Also, if the repair works on your roof have become too frequent, you may be better off with a new roof. Most importantly, get your roof inspected. After a thorough inspection, you’ll know if your roof is due for change or not.

How do I make my roof last longer?

The key to the longevity of any roof is regular inspection. Your roof should be inspected at least, once a year to spot and avert potential issues. Getting your roof inspected is just one leg of the task. Following the recommendations of your consultant is the other leg.

For more information about roofing or for our free quotes, don’t hesitate to call us immediately.

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