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March 28, 2023

Bathroom Remodeling? Read This First!

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It is important to remember that even the most experienced DIY enthusiast takes gulps and deep breaths before starting their bathroom remodeling project. Then, consider the time, budget, and technical expertise you need to get the job done.

A bathroom remodel requires more plumbing and electrical work than a kitchen remodel. This involves highly skilled trades, making the labor intense and demanding. It can be challenging for any DIYer to remodel a bathroom quickly in a short time due to the necessity of speed and quality.

It is, therefore, best to hire a professional bathroom remodeler or general contractor to deploy subcontractors who can handle the job efficiently. By hiring professionals, you can get the job done faster than you could. 

  • Bathrooms that are not shut off

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to turn off the water before you begin. Instead, permanently shut off the water before removing a vanity, toilet, or other bathroom parts. You should know the condition of the valves that you will turn off. 

Rotating old valves can cause leaks, damaging adjacent rooms and drywall. Because of this, it is essential to turn off the main water supply rather than using shutoff valves. 

If a valve or faucet leaks, what should you do? This may be something you wonder about. You can solve this problem by sourcing replacement parts from a reliable supplier to make replacing damaged valves easier and to continue working. 

  • Being unpractical

A DIY bathroom should be based on practicality. In addition to aesthetics, there are several other factors to consider. If you get excited about remodeling your bathroom, for example, you can quickly lose control. In that case, you must remember the basics, leading to recurring mistakes. 

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting your bathroom to look its best, it can also help to think about bathroom essentials. For example, everyone who uses your bathroom must have easy access to it. 

Can you quickly access and use the bathroom fixtures like the toilet, sink, and shower? Do you have enough counter space and storage space for your toiletries? Before embarking on a bathroom remodeling project, it is essential to consider these factors. 

  • Steps that should not be skipped

DIY bathroom remodeling may be an easy project. But, in reality, success requires dedication and hard work. Follow the proper steps to remodel your bathroom without a professional remodeling contractor. You must complete all these steps to avoid making costly mistakes that require professional repair. 

Taking accurate measurements and understanding space limitations is the first step in remodeling your bathroom. Make sure your toilet and other fixtures are measured correctly. We have qualified experts who can help you inspect, measure, and install any required bathroom fixture. 

Your bathroom design is crucial to proper drainage, even if you aren’t aware of it. Your shower floor must be slanted for water to flow freely into the bathroom drain. Doing this allows you to reach the water, which would otherwise remain in your shower.

The bathroom drainage system needs adequate ventilation, just like other drainage systems. To prevent unhygienic issues, you should avoid a dry sink trap. Remember to vent your drains properly as you work in your bathroom. 

Budgeting without being realistic

It is easy to turn an inexpensive renovation into an expensive project once you begin working on it. Ensure a realistic budget before tearing off tiles from floors and walls. 

Stay focused during the renovation by prioritizing what’s important to you. For example, consider what is most important to you in your bathroom: a vanity, premium tiles, or a new bathtub. 

It can be expensive to purchase such items, even in bulk. We recommend finding stores that offer discounts where you can buy them at a lower price if they are a must-have in your bathroom. 

  • Become a self-starter by tackling complex tasks.

The process of remodeling a bathroom goes beyond what is immediately apparent. You might want a great DIY project, but if you don’t handle it meticulously, you may regret it or even pay more to fix it. For example, you may encounter electrical or plumbing problems when upgrading your bathroom. 

Identifying and fixing these issues appropriately often requires the assistance of a trained professional. In addition to storage, a professional should handle this aspect as well. Our storage features will help you keep your toiletries and things you need for hygiene and beauty routines. We can install classic shelf storage over the toilet, medicine cabinets, and adjustable shelves for the best way to stay organized.

A lack of preparation for renovations

Despite how big or small your bathroom is, you expect it to last for a long time after you remodel it. Because of that, it needs to be designed, laid out, and styled with great care. But, unfortunately, a poorly prepared project can have fatal consequences. 

Ensure you understand your needs and expectations and consider small but crucial details. Assess your bathroom to identify which configurations you can maintain to save on plumbing costs. Purchasing cabinets, tape ware, sanitary ware, and accessories in advance can also be an option. 

In addition to poor results, poor preparation may also stretch your budget. When you ignore details, you end up with poorly installed showers, toilets, cabinets, and other fixtures, which can negatively affect the look and function of your bathroom.

Storage space needs to be more adequately planned.

An adequate amount of storage space is an essential feature of any bathroom. When you need more storage space in your bathroom, it can affect its comfort and functionality. To begin with, you should determine what you need for your bathroom and what storage you need. 

It can be daily beauty essentials or products you use for your hygiene routine, linens, or toiletries. First, determine the size of your products vertically and horizontally to determine how to store them.  

I recommend a free-standing cabinet, vanity, wall unit, or closet as a separate storage unit. You can store all your bathroom essentials, such as cosmetics, toiletries, towels, and medicines, in a safer and more organized manner with adequate bathroom storage.

A lack of ventilation

In addition to controlling odor, reducing contaminants in the air, and releasing trapped moisture, bathroom ventilation is crucial in maintaining a healthy bathroom environment. Furthermore, nobody enjoys cleaning themselves in a damp, dark bathroom without proper air circulation. 

Adding windows to your bathroom will allow natural light to penetrate. For a natural ambiance, install a skylight if you can’t include a window. 

 Help from Experts

You may find that DIY projects are tedious, time-consuming, and surrounded by uncertainty. However, since most bathroom remodeling projects are complex, hiring experts pays off almost immediately. 

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