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March 27, 2023

New Windows and their Typical Life Expectancy


A house’s significant features appear to be on the verge of needing replacement. Asphalt roofs typically last 15 to 20 years, along with furnaces, water heaters, siding, and windows. The windows are one of the essential features of an older home, but if you upgrade one, choose the windows.

The life expectancy of New Windows

Save money on your energy bills by upgrading your windows, one of the most significant advantages being their energy efficiency. Additionally, you’ll improve your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Due to your newer windows’ insulating factor, you’ll hear less noise and experience a more comfortable and stable temperature inside your home. This is critical during winter when cold air drafts are at their worst. How long will your new investment last if you’ve already upgraded and enjoyed these benefits? Several factors determine a window’s lifespan, so there needs to be a clear-cut answer to how long it will last. Window lifespan can be affected by several factors, including the type of material, the installation, the use, and the climate.

Utilization of Windows

You can determine how long your window will last based on how often you use it. It is common for windows to open and close. The sash is slid, or the crank is used to open an operable window. Although these windows are meant to be used, the repair is relatively simple if they suffer damage from frequent opening and closing.

While usage-related problems can always be solved, ignoring broken cranks or malfunctioning sashes can shorten the window’s lifespan overall. Addressing these problems as soon as possible is crucial to get the most enjoyment from your new windows.

Climate and weather in the surrounding area

Regardless of your window type, all windows are designed to resist adverse weather and extreme climates (although some styles are better suited to particular regions). Even so, windows can still be damaged by prolonged exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures or extreme temperature swings, salt, sunlight, or moisture, despite being made to endure exposure to all kinds of climates.

Changing temperatures can cause windows to warp, shift, or change shape. As a result, its lifespan may be shortened. In addition, temperature swings can cause vinyl windows to crack particularly easily. Due to the cold winters and the hot summers, windows in the Midwest have a short lifespan. In the west, the intense heat can also damage a window’s material.

How much moisture it receives significantly affects a new window’s lifespan. Moisture can warp the frame of wood windows, causing them to have difficulty working. Moisture exposure can also cause discoloration and cracked paint.

Ask your window contractor what material and style will work best for your region’s climate to avoid adverse weather and a temperamental environment negatively impacting your new windows. However, you can choose the type and material of window that will be most effective in combating extreme temperatures, moisture, and storm damage.

Choosing the suitable window material

The most critical factor in determining the lifespan of your new windows is that you choose the material.

Traditionally styled wood windows don’t compare to anything else. However, if you properly care for your wood windows, they will last a long time. When you take the time to invest in your wood windows, they’ll last as long as they’re meant to, which is, on average, 15-20 years.

The average life expectancy of vinyl windows is 20-40 years. Remember that climate can make or break this estimate, so choose the suitable material for your area. Suppose your new vinyl windows are exposed to harsh sunlight or extreme temperatures. In that case, your windows will end up lasting less than expected.

Windows made of fiberglass last about 50 years. Due to its reinforced frame with glass fibers, this window material is up to eight times stronger than vinyl. The best choice for maximizing the lifespan of your new replacement windows is fiberglass, but it is also the most expensive.

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